“Enjoy delicious bundle of spices with every mouthful of our dishes ”

Our Specialties

  • BYO fully liscened.
  • Home delivery with in 5 km free over 40$ purchase, otherwise 4$ per delivery.
  • We will do hot/ mild on curry depending your choice.
  • Catering facilites upto 50 ppl.

    We Assure

  • Dishes from India, straight to your plate, to fill your stomach and melt your heart away.
  • We provide traditional dishes that are made with rich and popular Indian spices.
  • For your convenience, we provide delivery options too, as well as the usual dine in and take away. So you choose what suits you the best.
  • Taste of India is enhanced not only through the spices we use but more so through the traditional utensils used in India. So you get real food, made in its true recipe.
  • The restaurant is a perfect place for a time to get away and relax with just yourself, your family and your food all at an affordable price.

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